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  1. Jason

    AR Photos

    Here is some of mine.
  2. #146 Moltres Moltres is a legendary bird Pokémon that has the ability to control fire. If this Pokémon is injured, it is said to dip its body in the molten magma of a volcano to burn and heal itself (Pokemon). Moltres stands 6'04 and weighs 133 pounds. Moltres is a fire and flying type Pokemon and is weak to rock, electric, and water type Pokemon.
  3. #251 Celebi This Pokémon came from the future by crossing over time. It is thought that so long as Celebi appears, a bright and shining future awaits us (Pokemon). Celebi stands at 2’00 and weighs 11 pounds. Celebi is Pyshic and grass type Pokemon and is weak to bug, fire, dark, flying, ghost, ice, and Poison type Pokemon.
  4. Post your Pokemon GO AR Photos. I will post some of mine later tonight or tomorrow. Or you can use the gallery: https://pokemontrade.org/gallery/
  5. #42 Golbat Golbat loves to drink the blood of living things. It is particularly active in the pitch black of night. This Pokémon flits around in the night skies, seeking fresh blood. Golbat bites down on prey with its four fangs and drinks the victim's blood. It becomes active on inky dark moonless nights, flying around to attack people and Pokémon. (Pokemon) Golbat stands 5’03 and weights almost 122 pounds. Golbat is a flying and poison type Pokemon is weak to electric, ice, physic, and rock type Pokemon.
  6. #237 Hitmontop Hitmontop spins on its head at high speed, all the while delivering kicks. This technique is a remarkable mix of both offense and defense at the same time. The Pokémon travels faster spinning than it does walking (Pokemon). Hitmontop stands 4'07 and weighs 105.8 LBS, Hitmontop is a fighting type Pokemon and is weak to flying, psychic, and fairy type Pokemon.
  7. Jason

    Member Shop

    There is a member shop that all members have access to, this shop is not psychical items but virtual. There is no money needed just the points you earn but posting new topics, replies, or pictures in the gallery. All your interactions on the forums earns you points to the shop. You can find how many points you have earned by going to your profile and under your name will show you how many points you have, other members can donate points to you or you can donate points to other members. This is free and will cost members zero dollars, it is free to use! This is some of the items members can purchase: This is an example of where to find your point total: If you have any questions about how the member shop works please comment below or feel free to message me!
  8. #222 Corsola Corsola's branches glitter very beautifully in seven colors when they catch sunlight. If any branch breaks off, this Pokémon grows it back in just one night. Clusters of Corsola congregate in warm seas where they serve as ideal hiding places for smaller Pokémon. When the water temperature falls, this Pokémon migrates to the southern seas (Pokemon) Corsola stands 2'00 and weights 11 LBS, Corsola is a water and rock type Pokemon that is weak against grass, electric, fighting, and ground type Pokemon.
  9. Oh okay, you’re welcome. Yeah no problem.
  10. If you have a shiny Haunter I can help you trade evolve it? I will trade it back!
  11. #39 Jigglypuff Jigglypuff's vocal cords can freely adjust the wavelength of its voice. This Pokémon uses this ability to sing at precisely the right wavelength to make its foes most drowsy. (Pokemon) Jigglypuff stands 1’08 and weighs about 13 pounds. Jigglypuff is a normal and fairy type Pokemon and is weak to steel and poison Pokemon.
  12. Jason


  13. Pokemon Sword and Shield is coming late 2019. Trailer for Sword and Shield:
  14. I’m sure you all are all aware of this but I figured I would post it here as well. 9 am EST 8 am CST 7 am MST
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