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Community Guidelines

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1: Please respect other members 

2: Try to refrain from using vulgar language 

3: No posting threads about to contact you on an external site, those kind of threads the link will be deleted. 

3.1: Its okay to post links to external sites if it relates to the topic!

4: No scamming, ripping off, or stealing from another community. 

4.1: This will result in automatic ban if found guilty, the staff members are the judges of this. 

5:  No threads or comments may be made about committing, thinking about, or going to be commuting illegal acts of any kind. is not affiliated with Nintendo or The Pokémon Company. We can not get make any stolen or loss Pokémon, we only in charge of what’s going on within this community. 

This is subject to change and without notice!



The Team 

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